Competition Winners March 2021

By Archie age 7

Poem 1

The strongest dragon

There once was a dragon big and strong

It’s breath was like pong


It had scales like steel

 Not even the strongest man could peel


It had fire the colour of blue

That came out of its mouth when it flew


It had beautiful wings the colour of green

It eats magic beans



Poem 2

The Roman Empire

The Romans has a gigantic empire,  

But they want to build it even higher

They are smart people,

And there soldiers are not feeble

They use tortoise formation with shields up front and up top,

And they don’t use mops.

Competition Entries February 2021

The Demon Backstory Lore 


I grew up in south central lousina. Abigail rescued me my brothers and my sisters. She took us to this cabin in the middle of nowhere it was freedom. But even the greatest freedom comes at a price. She told us beware of the man in the woods. For he is real and he is the eater. So one day me and my brothers we took our slingshots to go rabbit hunting like we do. We started to hear something strange at first we passed it off as a bear but as time passed the bear of what we thought started to get louder and louder. And it let out these sad howls and my brothers started to run. I myself must admit I was afraid but I was more intrigued then anything else. I dropped my slingshot and started to walk closer and closer towards the sound I got so close at one point the sound started to radiate in my ears and it hurt. And that is when I saw it.


He was about seven feet tall walking upright he had no pigment in his skin he was dark as a crystal. He had thin black hairs running down to his knees. I prayed he wouldn't see me. I said abigail please forgive me. Forgive me for not paying attention to you and then that's when he looked at me his eyes were blue like a soul i stood frozen In fear and it was just then he reaches out his hand and in the middle of it was my slingshot and then I started to run as fast my legs could take me it felt like it was never ending. and then finally the cabin was in my sights. I spirited threw the door and I was in a panic I ran straight to abi's room and I said I'm so sorry she asked what was wrong. I said I saw him I saw the man in the woods. I thought it was a lie but you were telling the truth all the time.


She asked what did he say to you but he didn't say anything matter of fact all he did he looked right at me with his eyes as he was staring straight threw me and he held his hand out to me and in his hand was my slingshot and inside I was wandering why is she so calm right now and she said don't you understand it's his slingshot too she said you are the man in the woods