Top 5 Inspirational Places to Write in Nottingham..

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

We all need inspiration sometimes - and here are some of the best places in Nottingham to bag yourself some! Nottingham is one of only 20 cities in the WORLD to be recognised by UNESCO as a City of Literature - i.e. literary excellence. How inspiring is that! With the likes of D. H. Lawrence (you can visit his house - fyi!) and Lord Byron (you can visit his house too!) Nottingham is a city full of inspiration when it comes to literature. So go on, what are you waiting for? Read below and choose where to go!

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Number One - Bromley House Library

Nottingham's hidden library Bromley House is easily top of the list for inspiration! It is a moment of peace in the busy city centre. As it's spread over 3 floors, you will have plenty of secret spaces to choose from. As if that wasn't enough, there is even a secret garden which is completely closed off from the city. Gorgeous!

Number Two - Kitty Cafe

Nottingham also boasts its' very own Kitty Cafe which is perfect for writers to relax and break through any writers block! What better thing to do when you need inspiration then cuddle a kitty and people watch?? Plus it has all the hot coffee and gorgeous cake you need. It's a win all round!

Number Three - Five Leaves Bookshop

Five Leaves Bookshop is an amazing independent book shop with a gorgeous interior full of all kinds of books to spark inspiration. Even better, there is a small table and chairs outside which is perfect for noting down any inspiration you do pick up! The best part though are the fantastically friendly staff who know all about local literature. Five Leaves also hold events such as poetry nights and reading groups, so who knows who you will meet!

Number Four - Nottingham Writers Studio

I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled across Nottingham Writers Studio. They are the only dedicated writing facility of its kind in the UK and offer a home to write right in the city centre! On top of this they offer networking support, co-writing spaces, workshops, events, writing opportunities and annual fairs! If you want to meet like minded people and be inspired, this is the group to join! it isn't free though - check them out here

Number Five - Wollaton Hall and Deer Park

There are lots of gorgeous green spaces in Nottingham, but one particular favourite of mine that's close to the city centre is Wollaton Park. On a sunny day Wollaton Park is a fabulous space for a picnic with a side of Inspirational people watching! Unlike some green spaces though, the house is also free to access for inspiration should the weather turn, which is always worth considering in Nottingham!

Have you visited any other amazing or unique places to write in Nottingham or anywhere else? Let us know in the comments below!

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