Author Interview: Nicole Thorne

Nicole Thorne is the winner of our latest competition and author of three fantastic books! Below she tells us all about her book hangovers, reading inspirations, writing tips and how she juggles being a Mother, business owner AND a writer (wow!). Read on below to find out everything you want to know!

'Hi! I'm Nicole Thorne, Author of 'Chasing Butterflies' and 'The China Doll'. Thank you for inviting me to be interviewed.'

What led you into writing in your genre? 'I love books, but I don't stick to one particular genre. What interests me is having great relatable characters who can take me on a journey. I want to be gripped with excitement, I want to be brought to tears, but most of all I want to feel engaged. I love having a book that I just can't put down. There's nothing better than that feeling when you're reading the final chapter, you want to get to the end because you want to know how it ends, but you know you're going to have a serious book hangover. When I started to write I didn't write a particular genre, I wrote to create that feeling. I wanted to write the type of book that I would love. I wanted my books to say something about the human condition, to give meaning to our actions. 'Chasing Butterflies' focuses on the impact of loss and how it can shape a person. There are some tender moments and some laughs too. We follow the main character Hope through a very emotional journey into the hidden secrets of her past. 'The China Doll' focuses on the early life of Hope's mother Helen. There's romance between Helen and James, but Helen is struggling to keep the secrets of her past hidden, but James is determined to find out the truth.'

What does a typical day look like? 'I don't think there's any such thing as a typical day at the moment for anyone. I used to be a teacher, but I gave it all up three years ago to open a little cafe. The last 12 months have been incredibly difficult. We have been hit by three lock-down's, each time forcing the business to close. Currently, we're in lock-down number three and it looks as though it will see us being closed until around May, although I read today that re-opening could be as late as August!

Most days I am still going to my cafe to make up and deliver afternoon teas for locked-down locals. My four year old daughter comes with me and is a constant source of laughter. I write in the afternoons and the evenings. My third book "My Friend Bill" is a stand alone novel and available to pre-order and will be out in June. After that I'll be working on the final book in the secrets and lies series "The Restless Tide". We will see a dramatic conclusion to the stories of Hope and Helen as their paths mingle once more and more truths are uncovered.'

Are you inspired by any particular authors? 'There are so many authors I admire. I love the classics, Jane Austen was an amazing, revolutionary author in her time. Having the guts to enter such a male dominated world during that time is something I really admire.'

Does anything else inspire you? 'I'm inspired by all of the people in the world who face difficulties every day, but still manage to overcome them and put one foot in front of the other. People who have mental health problems but are still able to find the strength to fight... I really root for those people.'

What do you like to read? 'I love to read all sorts of books. Marian Keyes, Celia Ahern, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Jane Austen, Emily & Charlotte Bronte, Kate Morton and Patricia Cornwell are all great favourites. More recently I've found some great indie authors too. Sue Bordley, Coral McCallum and Charlotte Valentine are amongst those whose books I have enjoyed.'

How do you wind down? 'I like to sit and write. It's my little piece of sanity at the end of the day. I also like to read or just settle down for a good movie with a glass of wine.'

Do you have any tips for indie authors just starting out? 'Boy! This is a tough one. OK. Don't publish until you are absolutely certain that you're ready. Try to get two or three books under your belt before you publish. Make sure you have your books read by beta readers and try to get them edited if you can afford it. Establish a good writing routine and set yourself targets that you can stick to. Most of all, don't do it for the money! I mean of course, we would all like to write full time, but if you're writing because you think it's an easy way to make a quick buck then you're doing it for the wrong reasons.'

Tell us about your latest book ''The China Doll' is a prequel to my debut novel 'Chasing Butterflies'. It's a love story set against a rugged Cornish landscape. Helen has secrets that she tries to hide from Fisherman James, but when the truth comes out it leads to a dramatic conclusion.'

Chasing Butterflies: Searching for the Truth (Secrets and Lies Book 1) eBook: Thorne, Nicole: Kindle Store The China Doll: A Prequel to Chasing Butterflies (Secrets and Lies Book 2) eBook: Thorne, Nicole: Kindle Store

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